It is worth visiting Athens. The sunny city has a lot of attractions to visit. Moroever the city of Athens accomodates the most important archaeological sites such as Acropolis monument, the National Archaeological museum and the newly opened museum of Acropolis in 2009.

In addition Athens museums host impressive ancient greek exhibits. Athens has also many districts to see. In the center, take a walk to Monastiraki market where you should buy items in a low price. Take a coffee to the site of Anafiotika in the neighborhood of Plaka which looks like an island. More...2035

Athens Greece City to See

Impressively the city of Athens and its outskirts offer a variety of options to the visitor. Constantly in a yearly basis, the number of tourists of the city of Athens increases. Amazingly exposed are the sightseeing as well as the cultural and entertainment facilities.

Furthermore a walk to the city center will fill you with unique feelings. Definitely the place is the hot destination not only within the European Union but also all over the world. Memorable will be the days that you will be staying in the area and its outskirts.


Athens Attica

There are many things to do and to see in Attica. Also a great option is visiting the south part of Attica also known as Athens Riviera. It is about a huge coastline that consist the south suburbs of Attica.

Here you can find excellent facilities regarding your stay. Moreover you can find contemporary premises of hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities. Surely it is a very organized region where you can discover the beautiful beaches of the Athenian Riviera.

Radically the transportation system of Greece changed before the Olympics. In particular it took place the construction of the new airport of Eleutherios Venizelos. Also the new metro and tram line as well as the new railway are few of the development works.

Additionally the proastiakos rail and the new highways are also very important. Impressively stands the state of the art bridge of Rio - Antirrio above the sea in Patra.

Municipality of Athens