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Chalandri District, Attica North Suburbs

Chalandri is one of the most important commercial and entertainment places of Northeast suburbs of Attica. In particular the area is about 9 kilometres far away from the center of Athens. The development of the area has started since a lot of years now. Moreover the area managed to magnetise the interest of the Athenians for entertainment. A living atmosphere and a great variety of cafes, bars and restaurants synthesize the place.

Chalandri Central square

The church of Saint Nikolaos and Saint Konstantinos highlight the central Square of Eleutheroton of Chalandri. As we ascend the square we reach the crowded shoaks of the area. There we can find a great variety of cafeterias, bars and restaurants. More specifically these hot spots are between the roads of Agias Paraskevis, Andrea Papandreou, Sokratous and Aristophanes. The connection to Chalandri from the North suburbs is eligible by car via Pentelis Avenue.

Chalandri cafes Restaurants and bars

The main plateau soaks that of Ifikratous, Irakliou and Thoukididou accommodate daily hundreds of people. Here locals and visitors enjoy their coffee and their drinks in the various cafeterias and bars that are available. In addition the place is a main area of meeting for friends who mainly live permanently in the North suburbs. Chalandri is not only renowned for the various options of cafes and restaurants but also of its great local market. In addition there are plenty of shops in the fabulous commercial plateau roads. Furthermore many of the shops represent famous commercial brands of wearing, shoes and jewellery.

The great variety of options and the unique living aura of the area set a unique experience for the visitor.

Chalandri attracts the interest of the visitor due to its living atmosphere and the relaxed and friendly pace. Explore the unique market of chalandri, select through a great variety of products (especially clothes) in an affordable way. Usually visitor of the area are people from all the age range. The traditional alleys are full of cafes and bars offering to the visitor a relaxed and pleasant experience.

Attica North Suburbs Sightseeing

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