North Attica

City of Maroussi

city of Maroussi market Athens North Attica Greece

The historical city of Maroussi is one of the biggest ones in the North suburbs of Attica. In addition you can find almost everything in the area. In particular the area consists of big commercial centers as well as central qualitative markets. 

 In Maroussi the visitor can find everything , big commercial centres, plateu streets to walk in the center of the town, contemporary transportation and many options regarding cafes,, bars, restaurants. In the center of the city there are graphical pedestrian shopping streets. Moreover there are various options for cafes restaurants and bars. Also the public transportation is very good.

City of Maroussi Olympic Stadium Athens

Moreover the Olympic stadium of Athens in Maroussi remarkable.The city encopasses its historical past since today. More specifically it is about the Olympic spirit and the fame of the ancient godess of Amarysia. Exactly here took place the first Olympic games in history. The Olympic games realized in Greece in honour of the peace between the nations. The name of the ancient Olympic premises of the area was Afthmon

The area borders with the Municipalities of Neo Irakliou, Likovrysi, Kifisia, Melissia and Chalandri. Additionally, the population of the area has much increased during the last 30 years. Furthermore the infrastructure of the city is very good. In particular there are beautiful buildings as well as contemporary commercial and athletics premises. Also the climate and the natural environment of the area is very good. Because of the great privileges of the city it is quite expensive to buy a house here.


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