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Discover Kerameikos Archaeological Museum in the city of Athens in Greece !

Kerameikos in Greek language means pottery. More specifically it took its name from the settlement of potters around the area. There took place the production of famous attic vases. From the 3rd millennium BC the area used to be a cemetery. Moreover it is located at the banks of the Eridanos River. The statesman Pericles was responsible for the construction of the city gates of Sacred Way ran through the Sacred Gate and the Dromos.

Also at that period took place the construction of the street of the tombs. In particular the street of the tomb hosted burial monuments owned to wealthy Athenians. In addition the construction of the building of Pompeion took place during the classical period. During the procession of the Panathenaic festival the people eat the meat of sacrificed cows probably in the courtyard of Pompeion.

Kerameikos Archaeological Museum : Changes

During the invasion of the Roman Sulla in 86 BC the Pompeion and other buildings experienced the catastrophe.Unfortunately the Herulians in 267 AD destroyed the storehouse constructed in 2nd century AD.

The settlement of potters surrounding the area replaced the ruins. Additionally a festival Gate was added with three entrances leading to the city. It was destroyed by Avars and Slavs invading to Athens in the 6th century AD.


Excavations in Kerameikos began in 1870 under the responsibility of the Greek Archaeological Society. An important finding is the pottery of Dipylon Oinochoe. Furthermore the object has writings from the Greek Alphabet. The excavations continued by the German Archaeological Institute since 1913.

The construction of an amphitheatre also took place. Furthermore the museum reopened so as to house the artifacts of excavations.

Ermou street 148 (the site is at the end of Ermou Street towards Peiraios Avenue)
Opening hours: daily from 8.00- 14.45
Entrance fee: full ticket: €8, reduced: €4
By Electrical railway : Thiseion stop (green line)

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