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Kolonaki square

Kolonaki square is one of the most famous districts of the center of city of Athens. It is considered as a high value commercial area, where the visitor may experience facilities such as plenty of café, qualitative shops especially for top branding clothes.

Kolonaki square Cafes

A lot of renowned people from all the high levels of society including famous politicians, artists and athletes enjoy their coffee under the Athenian Sun in the square of kolonaki. Kolonaki drives a certain special atmosphere for the traveler. It encompasses a feeling of being in a special area where you can relax by having your coffee or walk through the shops.

But Kolonaki doesn’t stop here. This area is also renowned for its night life. You can get out with your friends there for one night there to justify it. Through a variety of services that these night clubs offer can you enjoy the music , the people and you maybe engaged with new people .

Restaurants in Kolonaki ?
Of course. There is a plenty of those in Kolonaki. A rich variety of mediterranean plates is available to the visitor. There are also some expensive Restaurants which provide satisfaction to high gastronomical preferences.

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