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lycabettus hill view

Mount Lycabettus hill view

The Lycabettus hill view is unique. Lycabettus is one of the most significant and renowned touristic attractions in the city of Athens. It is 277 meters above the sea level and offers a unique panoramic view to the visitor. The myth says that the name of Lycabettus originates from the fact that Lycabettus was the refuge of wolfs in ancient Greece.

It comes from the Greek word Lycos ( wolf in English). On the top of the Hill there is café and restaurant area where you can enjoy your drinks and dishes with the whole Athens lying under your feet. Additionally you can visit the chapel of Saint George. Lycabettus is accessible via car and by feet via path ( a little bit tiring activity). On the other hand can you reach the top of the hill via teleferic.

Lycabettus hill view access it 

The teleferik of Lycabettus was inaugurated in 1965 and it transports 300.000 passengers every year. The start of the teleferik is at the end of the street Aristippou located in kolonaki. The closest metro station is at Eyaggelismos.The cost of the ticket is 7 Euros per passenger with ascend and descent included. The ticket also include a discount to the restaurant of Lycabettus. The schedules are executed daily and in a 365 days basis from 09.00 am to 1.30 am. During the winter period transportation may stop before 1.30 am.

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