Athens East Suburbs

Nea Makri

Nea Makri is the beautiful seaside east suburb of Attica that attracts the interest of the visitors. Especially during the summer period the number of visitors significantly increases. More specifically the area is 32 km far away from the center of Athens.

The establishment of Nea Makri as municipality took place in 1924. In addition the first refugees who came from the area of Micro Asia inhabited the place. In particular the permanent residents are approximately 15.000. Complementary around 60.000 people live in the area during the summer period.


The visitor can reach Nea Makri through Pentelis Avenue, Marathonos Avenue, Attiki Odos or even though via Dionysiou Avenue from Ekali. The place is accessible by public transportation (bus- ktel Line) from Pedio Areos ( near the Centre of Athens).

Zouberi is located 1 Km away from the center of Nea Makri. It got its name in the epoche of Turkish Rule in Greece from a person whose name was Zouberis. In those years Zouberis possessed a great piece of Land. The Holy Church of Metamorphosis was constructed in 1976 in Zouberi. A great unit of Military forces of aviation is extended from Zouberi to Saint Andrew beach. Near the beach there are premises such as beach volley field, beach bar, dive center café. Pets are allowed. La costa beach bar, restaurant, Bar- Club, fish taverns.

Surrounding areas are : Ionia, Agia Marina, Anatoli, Saint George, Zouberi, Mati, Neos Voutzas, Valtos.

One of the biggest Cultural and Athletic Park is situated in Nea Makri. Nea Makri Park consists of natatorium with Olympic specifications, Children Playground, café and bars, stadium of basketball, special area for gymnast.

Nea Makri beach is not an organized one and it is not specially recommended for swimming. The waters are swallows. It is recommended for families with small kids and for those who don’t know to swim properly.

Mati is situated 2 Km south away from Nea Makri. The waters are swallow in this side of the beach. There is also a small parking area there.

Saint Andrews beach distances  1 Km from Mati. It is a small beach near the chaper of Saint Andrews. Additionally a small camp for Kids is available.

Zouberi consists of 3 gulfs.

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