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Plaka is the “neighborhood of gods” as it is near the sacred rock of the Acropolis monument. Moreover the place is one of the oldest neighborhoods of the ancient city of Athens. Additionally it attracts visitors because of its neoclassical architecture. Also impressive are the colorful gardens and the pedestrian streets. Probably a stone lamb found in the area near to Agios Georgios Alexandria’s church is the reason that the area took its name. More specifically the church is next to Dionysus ancient theater.

Neighborhood of Plaka history

Plaka’s erection took place on the top of the Ancient Agora Athens. Under the Turkish rule it was a seat of the Turkish Voevoda who was the governor. During the Greek War of Independence the habitants abandoned the area so as to fight against Turks. After the declaration of the Greek Independence they came back. Exactly when Otto became the king of Greeks. During the 50’s and 60’s many films took place in Plaka.


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More specifically it was the Epoch that working class lived there. Especially the most known Greek film is “Stella” with Melina Mercouri and Giorgos Fountas. In 60’s many live music clubs opened. Then in 70’s these clubs were moved to Thissio, after the command of the minister Melina Merkouri.


Go for shopping to the central Adrianou street. You should buy souvenirs and jewelers from the shops there.

Eat at one of the restaurants which are around the square of Philomouson in Kydathineon street. 


Filomousou Etaireias Square which is a central square full of cafeterias, restaurants, clubs with live music. It is located at the intersection of Kydathineon, Farmaki, Olympian Zeus and Angelos Gerontas streets. The construction of Filomousou Etaireias Square took place in 1813. In particular its name means friends of muses, who were the 9 gods of arts.

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