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Neo Faliro

The Peace & Friendship Stadium in Neo Faliro of Athens in Greece

Neo Faliro is one of the most famous and central districts of the Municipallity of Piraeus.  Exactly beside the sea a there is a giant park. Moreover the park accommodates wonderful and state of the art premises of Basketball and Football stadium. Daily the electric train station of Neo Faliro services thousands of passengers.


Georgios Karaiskakis football stadium

The new stadium of Georgios Karaiskakis is the home of the Greek Football National Team. It is about a beautiful and modern stadium with total capacity of 34000 spectators. Its construction took place in 2004 for the purpose of organizing the Olympic Games in Athens. In addition it replaced the old legendary stadium of Karaiskakis which was built in 1925 and demolished in 2000. Moreover Karaiskaki stadium is also the home of one of the top football teams in Greece that of Olympiakos Piraeus. Throughout the years the stadium has hosted very important domestic and international events such as football and athletics.

Sef Stadium Olympiacos Basketball Team
Peace & Friendship Stadium Neo Faliro Piraeus. South Suburbs Athens Piraeus Attica. Olympiacos Basketball team.

The legendary Piece and Friendship Stadium

The Peace and Friendship stadium is opposite to the Karaiskaki stadium and near to the sea. Alternatively its sort name is SEF (abbreviation in Greek). Magnificently it highligts the whole area with its unique architecture and style. It is the home of the historic Basketball team of Olympiacos Piraeus. Exactly here in this stadium Olympiacos Basketball Team managed to become one of the most powerful Teams in Europe. In particular the team of Olympiacos has won several Greek and European Championships.

During the latest years SEF accommodated great matches and athletic events from top sports. Such sports were from Basketball, Volleyball, Motocross and athletics. Also the great accoustics of the stadium enhance its unique atmosphaire and fascinate the visitor. All of these years special and unique international commercial exhibitions took place in SEF stadium. Morover several top domestic and international concerts, as well as music festivals and cultural events take place here.

Peace & Friendship Stadium in Neo Faliro Olympiacos Piraeus Basketball Field

A few meters besides the electric station of Neo Faliro stands the Monument of Georgios Karaiskakis. More specifically Georgios Karaiskakis is a great historic figure and Hero of the Hellenic Nation. Exactly because of his leadership against the war of the Greeks against the Turkish rule. During the Greek revolution of the Greek Army against the Turks he was the great General of the Greek Army. Succesfully he lead the Greek Nation to the liberation. Definitely his figure is one of the most important ones within the Greek history.

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