North Attica

Neo Iraklio Athens

Neo Iraklio Athens

Neo Iraklio Athens  the beautiful suburbs of the north side of Attica. It magnetises people of all the age range through its great variety of cafe and restaurants. Neo Iraklio is a valuable option for relaxation and entertainment.

Neo Iraklio is easily accessible by the passengers via the electric station of Neo Iraklio and also through car or bus via central avenues such as Plapouta, Irakliou and Marinou Antypa. The area is situated in an ideal geographical position, it has a very good Atmosphäre and it is near to Marousi and to the big commercial area located in New Ionia (Irakliou avenue).

Neo Iraklio Athens : the Square

The benchmark of the area is its central square. At the surroundings of this greenery park a lot of cafes and restaurants provide daily meal services , coffees and drinks. At the end of the Neo Iraklio square Park there is a theater where cultural events and activities are taken place.

Walking through the Park of Neo Iraklio we often see a variety of natural goods groceries offered in benches. Daily hundreds of local people and visitors choose Neo Iraklio as the place where they will meet their friends, relax, enjoy food coffee and drinks. A visit to Neo Iraklio may convince you...