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Panathenaic Stadium Greece

Panathenaic stadium Greece Olympic games

The Panathenaic Stadium Athens Greece has accommodated great athletics games. Initially during the Panathenaia festival in 566/565 BC, naked male athletes competed each other. In addition the stadium hosted the first modern Olympic games in 1896. Moroover Georgios Averoff sponsored the reconstruction of the stadium.

Impressively the Greek athlete Spyros Louis won in the Marathon race. During the Athens Olympic Games in 2004 the stadium housed the archery contests. Additionally it consisted of the finishing line of the Marathon race. The Panathenaic Stadium replaced an ancient stadium.

Panathenaic Stadium Athens Greece

Panathenaic Stadium Athens Greece : Building, damages and reconstruction 

The statesman Lykourgos was responsible for building the stadium. The construction of the stadium took place on the verdant banks of the river Ilissos. During the Roman period, Herodes Atticus spent a lot of money in purpose to restore the stadium. The placement of a row of marble seats beautified even more the stadium.

Additionally a sphendone that was transforming its shape took its placement in the stadium. The temple of the goddess Tyche arised on the summit of Ardettos. Particularly it housed the ivory statue of the goddess. Similarly the tomb of Herodes was on the top of the hill near the entrance.

Panathenaic Stadium Athens Greece Pole Vault Olympic games

At the establishment of christianity the bloody battles carried out from the Romans were forbidden. The stadium suffered from human intervention because of the marbles’ integration to buildings.

After the archaeological excavation the ancient stadium of Herodes Atticus finally came into light. Furthermore the architect Metaxas reconstructed the stadium using marbles.



Vasileos Konstantinou Avenue , 2107522984-6

Opening hours: Dawn till sunset


By red bus 550, green bus 90, 209 and yellow 2,4,10,11

By metro:  Syntagma or Acropolis or Evangelismos stop

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