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Piraeus Greece is around 12 kilometers far away southwest from the city of Athens Moreover it is the biggest Municipality of Piraeus periphery. Also it is one of the biggest in Greece. Municipality of Piraeus accommodates the biggest Port not only across the Greek State but also across Europe. It is the renowned Port of Piraeus. Also in the periphery of Piraeus belongs the Municipallities of Nikaia and Drapetsona.

The center of Piraeus Greece

Piraeus Greece is connected to Athens through the main Avenue of Athinon - Piraeus. As we drive through Piraeus Avenue and pass  Neo Faliro we are heading to the Port of Piraeus. Grigoriou Lambraki Avenue and that of Heroon Polytechneiou Avenue (at the beginning of the street is named 34 Syntagma Pezikou) are the two main roads from which someone can reach the city center of Piraeus by car.

In addition Akti Miaouli Avenue goes through in front of the big Port. In the conjunction of the two main Avenues of Heroon Polytechneiou and that of Vasilis Georgiou A, there is the municipal theater of Piraeus.

Furthermore in close proximity to the Port there is the Chatzikiriakeio neighborhood . In particular the homonymous Chatzikiriakeio institution accommodates and provides help to the poor orfan children of Piraeus. As we drive through Akti Themistokleous we discover the southwest seaside part of Piraeus. Here is located the neighborhood of Kallipolli.

A few meters before we insert Pasalimani we meet the contemporary premises of the nautical museum of Greece (Akti Themistokleous 12).  Additionally the central Tzaneio peripheral hospital of Piraeus is headquarted nearby (Afentouli Avenue & Zanni).

As we continue our tour via akti Themistokleous and akti Moutsopoulou we are able to reach the city center of Piraeus. More speciffically the center is  at Pasalimani.  The fabulous marina of Pasalimani Piraeus in combination with the existence of plenty cafes, bars, fish taverns and restaurants beautify the gorgeous Limani of Zea's. The heart of the city is its citizens. Pasalimani advocates the heart of Piraeus.

Pireaus Port Olympiacos

Words to describe for Piraeus and Pasalimani are pride, free spirit, hard working citizens, travelling, Olympiacos Piraeus and much more. It is really a different sense when you walk through these paths of historic marina, staring the sea, the people and the beautiful view of Pasalimani.

The beautiful landscape of Pasalimani is accompanied by its beautiful marina enriched by a lot of boats and a living Port atmosphere. The archaeological museum of Piraeus (Charilaou Trikoupi 31) is located very close to Pasalimani and is accessible from it by foot. It is about a five minutes walking distance in order to reach it.

The History of Piraeus:

The historic city of Piraeus has it’s roots in the Neolithic period, where Piraues was firstly inhabited. The ancient architecture Ippodamos Milisios , during the classic age designed the reconstruction of the city. His work was endorsed with great success. A brilliant architectural construction that was able to be built upon great design and successful aesthetical accomplishment.

Various references from great ancient writers such as Aristotlis, Irodotos, Themistoklis, Platon have lighten the roots of ancient Monuments of Piraeus with historic testimonies. A lot of historic information derives from these unique greek ancient writtings. A great development in Piraues was started after the official establishment of the Greek State in 1834.