lycabettus hill

Lycabettus hill

Lycabettus hill is one of the most significant and renowned...
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things to do in Athens, Parthenon Acropolis Greece


The construction of Parthenon Parthenon 's construction took place at...
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things to do in Athens, Acropolis of Athens


Acropolis Global Monument The name of Acropolis originates from greek...
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The Peace & Friendship Stadium in Neo Faliro of Athens in Greece

Neo Faliro

Neo Faliro is one of the most famous and central...
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Thissio Athens Greece


Thissio Athens Thissio in Athens center attracts visitors because it...
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syntagma square athens

Syntagma Square

Syntagma square Syntagma square is the central square of Athens....
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Tourists walk through Monastraki flea market in Athens


Monastiraki square, Athens Travel Guide, Greece, classic Athens center Monastiraki...
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chalandri athens greece


Chalandri District, Attica North Suburbs Chalandri is one of the...
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square of Neo Iraklio in north suburbs of athens

Neo Iraklio

Neo Iraklio is one of the most beautiful suburbs of...
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Pasalimani view in south Athens of Greece


Pasalimani, center of Piraeus The center of Piraeus is the...
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ship in piraeus port south of Athens


Beautiful Piraeus south to Athens The geographical position of Piraeus...
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passenger ship in the port of rafina in athens of greece


The seaside Municipality of Rafina belongs to the northeast suburbs...
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Nea Makri

Nea Makri is the beautiful seaside east suburb of Attica...
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girl tries to lift up a windsurfing sail in the gulf of Loutsa east to Athens


Artemida or Loutsa as it is usually commonly called is...
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Portfolio Athens

Greece is a wonderful country to visit. In addition the sunny mediterranean environment is ideal for holidays. Also Greece has a lot of attractions to see. Constantly the number of tourists that visit Greece increases. Definitely you should visit the capital of Greece Athens as well as the Greek islands. Near to Athens there are also wonderful destinations to explore.

Athens attracts the interest of travellers because of its unique beauty. Moreover the center of Athens has plenty of sightseeing to see. Traditional places at the Athens center magnetize the visitor. It is about the historic places of Monastiraki, Plaka, Thissio and Psyri. Most of the time these areas are full of visitors who wish to explore the city center.

Furthermore the Athens outskirts are worth visiting. Additionally Attica region consists of beautiful municipalities. In particular east to Athens there are beautiful seaside cities. Such cities are Rafina, Porto Rafti, Loutsa, Marathon and Sxinias.

On the other hand at the south Attica is the gorgeous region of Athens Riviera. More specifically it is about a huge coastline that includes wonderful beaches. Therefore you should visit Piraeus, Mikrolimano, Glyfada, Anavyssos and Sounio.

Impressively exhibited are the archaeological sites and museums of Athens. Don't forget to visit Acropolis and the museums of it. Also you can visit the national archaeological museum and the Benaki museum. These are only few of the ancient spots that it worths to visit.

Outside of Athens there are many places to explore. Such places near to Athens are Nafplio, Meteora, Arachova and much more. Wonderfully the countryside of Greece offers magic and the ability for exploration.

The north Attica includes important municipalities. Such places are Marousi, Kifissia, Neo Iraklio and Chalandri. Additionally the north part of Attica is famous for its great environment as well as for its good local markets.

Greek islands are a classic and beloved destination for tourists from all over the world. Furthermore the ideal sunny conditions amplify the desire of tourists to visit the Greek islands. Moreover the complex of the Greek islands consists of amazing beaches. Many of them have gained global awards.