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Psiri square

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Psiri square is near to Monastiraki square and to the church of Saint Marina. In addition Psiri is popular for its taverns. There you can taste delicacies and enjoy live music. Because of the existence in the area of many bars the district has intense nightlife.

There are many bars where you should drink raki and beer. Moreover the restaurants serve menu from many countries of the world. Furthermore you can go shopping at the local market and buy handmade leather shoes and accessories.

Psiri Heroes square

Heroes square is the central square of Psiri. More specifically the name of the square originates from the roads joining it. In particular these roads took their names from the heroes of the Greek Revolution.

Such roads are Karaiskaki street and Miaouli street. Alexandros Papadiamantis was the most famous habitant of Psiri. For more than twenty years did he live at this district of the city of Athens.

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The cell of Papadiamantis

Papadiamantis lived in a cell in the temple of Agion Anargiron which is at the square of Agion Anargiron. Definitely it is worth visiting the cell which is preserved since today. Also Heroes of the Greek Revolution of 1821 have been buried at the surrounded area of the church.

About the history of the temple of Agion Anargiron

The erection of the temple took place in 11 A.D. During the Greek War of Independence of 1821, the temple suffered from serious damages. Afterwards its restoration took place in 1832.


The boom of small industry to Psiri

During the 70’s many small industries opened in Psiri. Such commercial activities derived from leather shops, shoemaker shops and hutmaker shops. Furthermore these small industries gave a different status to the district.


Psiri square Athens night walk entertainment


Previously the majority of people regarded the area as only a place of residence. In 1973, during the dictatorship that reform became more intense.

Exactly then took place the demolition of many neoclassical buildings. Therefore the inhabitants moved to other areas.

The most shoemaker shops closed in 2000 because of the high rents. Moreover many taverns opened beyond to Psiri which attract visitors since today.

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