Athens East Suburbs


16000 residents that during the summer period are multiple. It is one of the biggest ports in Greece. The transportation lines of rafina join Athens with the Cycladic Islands and the Island of Evia.
Destination: Andros, Corfu, Ios, Koufonisssi, Marmari, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Thira Santorini, Tinos

The seaside Municipality of Rafina belongs to the northeast suburbs of Attica. It is located around 25 kilometres away from the center of Athens. The Port of Rafina is one of the biggest and most important Ports not only of Attica but also of Greece. It is a contemporary Port and the second biggest one of Attica after that of Piraeus.

Rafina is regarded as an important node of the Greek economy in the sectors of tourism and emporium. The intense passenger and commercial traffic that exists in the contemporary premises of the Port of Rafina make this place so important for Attica.

Thousands of arrivals and departures of passengers to and from the Cyclades islands and Euboea are realized daily through the Port of Rafina.

The passenger traffic is more intense during the summer period as the demand for shipping tickets is significantly increased.

After excavations in this region, the ancient prehistoric colonization of Askitario came finally to light. These founding testify the historical Charakter of the Municipallity of Rafina. The ancient name of the Area was Arafin and it was one of …. Kleisthenis

The center of Rafina has its own natural beauty and there do the visitors have the chance to discharge themselves from the intense traffic of the Port.

Rafina is renowned for the good fish that is offered through numerous fish taverns that run its services in the area. The relishes and the beautiful icons of the seafood that come up from the fish taverns and the traditional mezedopes of the city, beautify more the fabulous seaside landscape of Rafina.
The unique view, the walk near the sea and the moments of relaxing with good company are a few good reasons for the visitor to visit Rafina.

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