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Schinias Park

Schinias National park Athens Greece beach and watersports

Schinias Park attracts the interest of tourists because of its natural beauty regarding its seaside part and its greenery. There are a lot of trees across the beach where the visitor can find a great place of shadow. The Karavi of schinias is the most renowned organized part of the beach that you can visit . In this complex you can find a contemporary touristic environment equipped with sundecks, umbrellas and restaurant.

The water sport school of Karavi gives the fantastic opportunity to beginners or advanced windsurfers to enjoy their favorite sport. You may take a course or series of courses for windsurfing and you can also rent or buy windsurfing gear. Additionally you can try Stand Up Paddle board (SUP), a great gymnastics activity in the water.



Schinias Park Beach and Watersports

The place is great for windsurfing due to the ideal north-east winds that blow in the area. World class windsurfing tournaments have taken place in the past in the beach of Schinias. In Karavi there is also beach bar and restaurant where you can enjoy your café , coctails and mediterannean dishes under the majestic seaside environment of Schoinias.

An another great section of Karavi complex are the 5 international standart beach volley courts. These facilities have hosted Greek, European and even World Championships, training tournaments. Karavi in cooperation with Beach Volley Academies, organize a series of training tournaments on weekends during the whole summer.
The kopilatodromio of Schinias is one of the most contemporary athletic premises regarding sporting activities such as… It was built in 2004 for the needs of Olympic games and its occupancy is 14.000 seats.

Schinias History

In the west side of the beach took place in 490 p.c. the renowned battle of Marathon. It was the first attack of Persians in Greece. 9000 Greeks and 1000 of Plataies won the battle against the barbaric multiple army of Persians. Renowned historians such as Irodotos and Thoukididis describe this great battle in their books. Greeks destroyed the Persians and the Persians were forced to recede in their armada ( ships of their navy). Athenias decided to barrie their deads close to the area of the battle. Today near this area can you also visit the tymvos of Marathon.

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