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The museum of Cycladic Art

The museum of Cycladic Art Eros and Psyche

The museum of Cycladic Art consists of two different buildings. Moreover it is one of the most significant Athens Museums. It is about the main building which houses the permanent collections and the Stathatos Mansion. In addition the Mansion hosts the temporary collections. More specifically the two buildings connect each other via a glass - roofed corridor.

About the construction

The architect Ioannis Vikelas designed the construction of the main building in 1985. On the other hand the Stathatos Mansion is a neoclassical building. Chronologically architect Ziller constructed it in 1985.

The museum of Cycladic Art Ancient Greek Plate


The museum of Cycladic Art : The collection of the Main Building

The first floor accommodates the collection of Cycladic Art. Especially during 3200- 2100 BC flourished the Cycladic civilization. During this period ancient Greeks used for the first time the bronze so as to make tools. The most significant artifacts of Cycladic civilization are the marble figurines. Impressively the NG 724 female figurine exhibit is the second largest in the world. Other artifacts of the exhibition are tools and vases. The second floor hosts the exhibition of the Ancient Greek Art. The exhibition of the artifacts dates from the Bronze Age (2nd millennium BC) to the Roman Period (4th century AD). The collection includes tools, vases and jewelry.

The museum of Cycladic Art ancient Greek coins

Additionally the third floor is accommodates  the Cypriot collection of Thanos N. Zintilis. More specifically the collection consists of vases, coins and jewelry dating from the prehistoric and historic periods. The visitor will become a witness of the development of the human form. The figurines exhibition in the center of the gallery clearly depict this development. Moreover the figurines date from Chalcolithic period since the 4th millennium BC. On the 4th floor the subject of the exhibition is the daily life of the ancient Greeks.

The exhibition allocates its themes into thematic areas. Their inspiration derives from issues such as Gods and Heroes, the customs of Greeks and the War. Also it derives from the democracy and the athleticism.   Additionally texts and videos accompany the description of all artifacts to inform the visitor about their use. The two videos are very informative about the life of a common man, his death and his funeral.

The museum of Cycladic Art kylix the ancient Greek cup of wine


Bring your child to the museum to create an artwork. The workshops are available from October to May, every weekend.

About Cyclades

Cyclades is a group of small islands in the Aegean Sea. In addition Cyclades complex belongs to the southwest of the mainland Greece. Naxos the windy island of Cyclades is the largest one of the beautiful island complex. Ermoupoli in Syros is the center of administration of the former prefecture.

ancient Greek amphora

About the habitants

Firstly in 5000 BC appeared the earliest inhabitants of Cyclades.  The first inhabitants of Cyclades dating 7th millennium BC came from Melos. More specifically these earlier residents originated from the Mainland of Greece. The first organized settlements date 2800 - 2300 BC. They were found  during excavations in Ios and Keos.

About Cycladic figurines

The Cycladic figurines are the most characteristic artifacts of the Cycladic civilization. The favorite subject is the depiction of naked women. The figurines are made of marble came from Cycladic islands. Often creators decorated the marble figurines with colours.

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