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Zea Marina Piraeus is also known as port of Zeas. Pasalimani is the central point of Piraeus Greece where the locals and the visitors enjoy their walk, their café and have sociable activities. The central road of Pasalimani is Moutsopoulou street , where the visitor can enjoy a various options of cafes and restaurants that are situated in the Port of Zeas.

In Pasalimani a unique living atmosphaire accompanies the visitor during its stay at the place. The square of Kanari is also a central area of Pasalimani with various options of cafes . The stoned clock is the place of meeting of the citizens of Piraeus and it is the symbol of Pasalimani.


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It was constructed during the era that Ioannis Metaxas was the Prime Minister of Greece and is situated at the conjuction of the main roads of Lambraki and Moutsopoulou. Walking through the coastline of Pasalimani, can the visitor reach short destinations such as Kastella and Mikrolimano Piraeus.

Zea Marina Piraeus History:

In the ancient years Pasalimani was the place where the navy of Athens had its base. Armored and powerful polemic ships defended Athens from enemies across the Saronic gulf. A great battle was realized in 492 b.c where the Athenian Navy were experienced the threat of the Navy of Aiginites (citizens of Aegina Island). For a long time of period in the past, Pasalimani was a state of the art centre of shipyards.

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